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Terence Shanahan, Global Head of Syndicate at SGCIB welcomes EDHEC MSc students

Terence Shanahan, Global Head of Syndicate at SGCIB welcomed new intake students enrolled in the EDHEC MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking.

Terence Shanahan

Terence Shanahan

Société Générale, the corporate programme sponsor of the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking, was on the Nice campus to welcome a new intake of students.

Terence Shanahan extended a warm welcome to the new cohort of students who, this year, represent over 175 students from 28 countries (Algeria, Belgium, China, Colombia, Danemark, India, France, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, and Thailand among others).

He then introduced the topic of his conference ‘Financing the Economy post 2008’. Mr Shanahan reminded students of the role of banks and post-crisis business models and subsequently presented a case study on the weeks surrounding the Lehman Brothers collapse.

To conclude his presentation, Mr Shanahan explained that the economic and social role of banks, is and will continue, to be essential.

Société Générale has been the Corporate Programme Sponsor of the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking since 2011.

Master in Management, Financial Economics Track, Finance


November 18, 2015

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