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Pierre-Mayeul de Nicolay (EDHEC 2014) founder of Bring4You

Interview of Pierre-Mayeul de Nicolay, founder of the start-up Bring4You, a social shipping service.



Bring4You is an online platform bringing together people in the need of sending something with travelers going that way!

Why did you choose EDHEC?

EDHEC was a real opportunity for me: I was a student in a preparatory class for scientific studies but did not see myself as purely an engineer. I therefore sat the EDHEC entrance exam alongside the entrance exams to other engineering colleges. I was selected by EDHEC but also a Telecommunications engineering college. Both colleges agreed that I could study a dual degree course. It was intensive but good training!

Did you take advantage of the EDHEC Career Centre and its services?

Alongside my business project, I am also working at Google… and the EDHEC Career Centre really helped me to get this job! I received effective coaching with simulated interviews the Google way, etc. When D day came, I was totally prepared. I have always made the most of the powerful EDHEC alumni network for this position and my previous work and internships. 

What are your plans?
I have just launched my start-up Bring4you this summer with two Chinese partners based in Nice. Our concept: transport of packages between private individuals. Senders and carriers are put in touch with each other on the platform. We are first targeting students who may move city or country regularly (I had this experience), expats and also marketplaces wanting to offer an alternative, cheaper service to their users. Our first success: to have been chosen by Google to be included in the 2 000 promising start-ups present at the 2015 Web Forum!

How EDHEC helped you in your entrepreneurial project?
Having lectures in English is a great help when you are setting up a project in several countries (we are targeting the French and Irish markets). A partnership experience is also a bonus: you learn to be independent, to commit to a project and to adapt to different environments. Finally, The EDHEC alumni network. We have EDHEC alumni among our prospective customers who have also set up their own businesses. We are also in touch with the EDHEC incubator, EYE.

Could you sum up EDHEC in 3 words?

  • Network, because it is a real opportunity to make the most of the power of the EDHEC community!
  • Finance, because I was able to enjoy fascinating lectures during my course.
  • Fun, because in addition to lectures and the network, the lively student life is also one of EDHEC's strong points for me.

Watch the video and find out more about Bring4You on the website or the blog.

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November 18, 2015

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